• - Click or tap the left and right of the viewer to turn pages.
  • - On the keyboard, [Left arrow], [Right arrow] and [Space] can also turn pages.
  • - Click or tap the center to display the Menu, the Slider and Table of Contents.
  • A. Close the viewer. (*)
  • B. Display Settings.
  • [Page Display] Toggle between single page / double page.
  • [Page Flip Animation] Set the animation effect when turning pages.
  • C. Display the viewer Help.
  • D. Move to your favorite page using the Slider.
  • E. Display Table of Contents. Jump to different sections.
  • * In case you are unable to close the viewer, close the browser.
  • To view in full screen, please use the full-screen mode of your browser.
  • Double-click or double-tap anywhere in the viewer to zoom in or zoom out.
  • On the keyboard, use the [Up arrow] to zoom in, [Down arrow] to zoom out.
  • The mouse wheel can also control zoom.
  • You can view content in either vertical (portrait) or horizontal (landscape) mode by rotating the device.
  • - Display single page in portrait mode.
  • - In landscape mode,
      Smartphone: zoom in.
      Tablet : display double page.
  • Smartphone
  • Tablet
  • If you view contents in PC or Mac, change horizontal to vertical ratio on your browser to toggle single and double page.(default)
  • horizontal < vertical
    Single page view
  • horizontal > vertical
    Double page view

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